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Retire In Florida

Here in sunny Florida, there are plenty of living options for retired individuals coming from all over the country.Mobile homes, manufactured homes, single family homes, duplexes, condominiums,

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What Is The BUZZ Around Babcock Ranch

What's happening at Babcock Ranch?** SUSTAINABILITY** Created by Kitson & Partners- New model homes will be available in early 2017.- 80% of the land will remain a preserve, while 18,000 acres will

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What Is Happening In North Port Florida

Growing - Growing - Growing SO here's the BUZZ on WHAT'S HAPPENING around North Port......Real Estate Sales Inventory is at a LOW of only 2.5 months of Sales!NORTH PORT HAPPENINGSĀ§  

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Mar 4 2016 19100 1

 Welcome Home To North Port, FloridaNorth Port, Florida is located in Sarasota County, in Southwest Florida, below Sarasota and north of Fort Myers.  North Port started out as incorporated

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